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October 03, 2011


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Michael AssMaster

While I can't guarantee that John's wife will be open to ass play on him, to overcome the potential that she finds the idea of putting her finger in his ass somehow gross and disgusting, I would offer one suggestion:

A pack of nitrile gloves in her size next to the bed!

Michael aka "AssMaster"

Michael AssMaster

I wanted to address JJ, whose husband has given up on marital sex.

When she said she had "Tried everything", it left me wondering really what has she tried?

I totally agree with Susan's recommendation that she needs to have a direct and frank conversation with her husband. (And here I note that too often women are very subtle and indirect when they think they are being clear.)

But I'm wondering what she has tried. Has she tried showing up in hot lingerie, doing the trench coat sans undergarments attack, initiated sex, suggested things to try, put a porn on the DVD player? There are so many things that can be tried, and I wonder how deeply she has tried.

Just trying to put some more ideas out there.

Susan Crain bakos

They haven't had sex in a year. The situation is well beyond the point where it could be saved by some sexy lingerie. And I doubt it was salvagable by sex tricks a year ago. Forgive me for saying this to you, M, but sometimes it is not the failure of the woman to pull out the tricks. Sometimes the man has a big problem.

Michael AssMaster


I absolutely agree that it is often the male who has the problem. My comment was more because "tried everything" just kind of left me with a sense of uncertainty as to what had been tried, and if possible, with more information, there might have been more suggestions that could be made.

Susan Crain bakos

Having read the long version of her letter, I can say: it is time HE tried.

Todd Maves

I like your advise to Eva, she needs to be the "aggressor" and initiate sex if she needs to. All I can say for JJ, is that HE needs to seek counseling. If she is as attractive as she says, then HE is the problem, and it could be any one of the causes you suggested. BTW, My wife has been struggling with weight issues since we met, but we still have great sex. Because, I make her feel sexy, she makes me feel sexy in return.

Susan Crain Bakos

Todd, thank you so much for writing!

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