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November 18, 2008


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Amrita Goddess

Hot stuff this is, Susan. How uniquely erotic it feels to be turned on reading about my own genitalia, juices and multi-orgasmic adventure! This is the Amrita Goddess you spoke of (from Anton's demo at Sexy Spirits). Yes, Anton is quite a special man. His talent in honoring the Goddess, and teaching men how to be Gods themselves is not to be underestimated. And yum...how my body reacts to receiving his sexual touch and presence... Well, you saw! And honestly, the lovely thing about Anton is that he takes no credit for it. He knows he does not "give" a woman an orgasm. He provides an opportunity for the Goddess to unleash her Whole Self. And what a relief that is!

I do have some thoughts, from my perspective, on your "pee or Amrita?" question: While I am open to it possibly being a mixture that could include urine (or fluid transformed from the bladder), it's different than the act of urinating, for sure, for me, as I'm not able to pee while coming--or even after I come--until I wait for a minute or two. The sensation for me is an amazingly different (and MUCH more pleasurable) one than peeing and also feels much stronger than an internal orgasm (while I love experiencing them both). While I'm not opposed to the possibility that the excretion may have some urine in it, I do believe it comes from a different action than peeing, if that makes sense. I agree with the idea you lean toward: that it may be a transformation through the paraurethral sponge capillaries (or Skene's glands).

I look forward to hearing about YOUR memorable, juicy holiday squirt story!

Respectfully Yours,

Amrita Goddess

Susan Crain Bakos

Thank you, Amrita Goddess, for writing. Yes, Anton is amazing. I love the way you explain he doesn't "give" orgasm but "provides an opportunity" for the Goddess to let herelf come freely.


I don't remember the first time I squirted, but the funniest was when we were in the upstairs of a loft apartment. He got me going so good and so hard, I squirted right over the balcony to the living room below us where other people were sleeping! It had been hard enough to have sex quietly, but trying not giggle about squirting on unsuspecting sleepers was too much.

Like Amrita, I love the intensity of the squirting orgasm. And I feel like it can't be just pee, because I can empty my bladder and still squirt for an hour.

I adore that man...

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