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July 26, 2008


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I recently received a toy as a gift - my first, a hitachi wand. it's great, but the o's are really fast. will such a strong toy desensitize me?

Susan Crain Bakos

I love the big Hitachi! It's my favorite power vibe--and the fav of many Cougars. Yes, the Os come fast. I can go from zero to orgasm in under a minute. And sometimes that is exactly what I want. The quick release is great. And the Hitachi takes me into rolling waves of multiple Os.
No, using the big vibe won't desensitize you. But add variety to your vibe wardrobe. Different vibes give you different experiences. Let me know what you try next!


In a previous blog comments, I shared my lack of an orgasm with the Rock Chick. What started off as a "misery loves company" search, ended up in a success story!

I went to look at the reviews for the Rock Chick at Babeland (they have the BEST reviews). There were some very happy reviewers and there were some very disappointed ones. But then there are the reviewers that got it, tried it, didn't give up and finally hit the orgasmic jackpot with it!

With the those reviews, the tips that Susan gave, I tried it again and had a mind shattering g-spot orgasm (that seemed to last forever!).

Susan was right in that we have to take time and learn how a toy fits our bodies.

It was great to find useful toy reviews. Susan's encouraging words made me not want to give up. I'm sure glad I didn't. =)

Susan Crain Bakos

Oh, I am glad you rocked that chick!
Sometimes I think that women feel guilty about getting sexual pleasure from toys. We are the gender taught to value "relationship" to our lovers above all. Are we bad girls if we have so much fun alone with our toys?
No, we are just girls who want to have fun.
And we can incorporate the toys into partner sex any time we want.
Tigress, keep rocking that chick.

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