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July 31, 2008


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What about us men???

I think we should all be having an orgasm a day also. (Otherwise, you're suggesting a lot of lesbian sex and masturbation)


Susan Crain Bakos

Hi, AJ! Every day is Male Orgasm Day :) Men come in penetrative sex always or almost always. Men are more likely to masturbate and have no guilt about it. I am not suggesting that male orgasm doesn't matter. (If you are a regular blog reader, you know that I am devoted to the dick...and come come sometimes while sucking dick WITH NO HANDS.) But the focus on female orgasm for a day is a very good thing. It increases awareness among men about how women reach orgasm too. Buy your lady a toy today and use it on her. Or give her an orgasm any way you and she want it. Thanks for writing! I love hearing from men,


Wow - I never realised that the figure of women who didn't experience an orgasm was so high. Men must be doing soemthing seriously wrong somewhere!

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