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October 29, 2011


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Todd Maves

How about an example of 2 opposites... I would consider myself as what you describe above as a "real" dominant male. With my wife and other women I dated before we met, I did pick-up the check, open the door, and be the one "in control" during sex. I know I am not the best lover the world has seen, but I AM the best lover my wife has seen. And that, is all I care about. Is my wife submissive, not in the "whip me, spank me" way, but she does defer to me the authority as the head of the household, and as her lover in bed. Not to say that she doesn't just let me do whatever I want, respecting boundaries is also a part of being dominant. I have always shown my partners (especially my wife) love and respect, and as long as I continue to do so, she will continue to "submit" to my desires in the bedroom.
Now, let me tell you about a former (thankfully) co-worker of mine, I’ll call him “J” (his first initial). He was always bragging about bedding some "chick" or "pumping and dumping" some woman he met at a bar. Mind you, he is fully described by your example of the kind of person to avoid. He tended to "prey" on women with issues, by playing to their insecurities, then use them and dump them. He had no respect for the women he was with, you could tell just by the way he would brag about the things he did to/with them. He was not what one would consider a physically handsome, or charismatic person, so it’s not like he had women falling over themselves to be with him. After a just a short time it took all my self-control not to tell him to grow-up, and shut-up. Even another co-worker we shared an office with, was growing tired of his tales. And he even admits to behaving similarly in his past.
I’m glad he left the company and I don’t have to listen to him anymore. As a “real” man, who respects others, especially the women in my life, it was rather irritating to have to hear him brag about his most recent conquests, and look at him and wonder how much truth there was in some of the things he said he did, and the women he did them with. There are a lot of men out here who hate posers like “J” as much as you do, they are the ones giving the rest us a bad name.
On a personal note. As someone who has loved family and friends to several different cancers, I am saddened at the prospect of you note being there to write the interesting articles that I have come to look forward to reading. I can also respect your decision not undergo treatment. 2 people in my life were more victims of the “treatment” than the actual cancer itself. I hope you find the strength to really “live” the days you have.

Susan Crain bakos

Thank you so much for writing. I do know that many men feel the same way I do about about those creepy guys. SexyPrime's male readers are, like you, great guys; and I feel very privileged to have them reading my blog.

I am enjoying each of my remaining days, spending time with the people I love, revisiting the places I love best and finishing work that I care about. I am experiencing so many blessings, including hearing from people like you. Again, thank you--and know that you contribute to my happiness now.

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