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September 27, 2011


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Lamb Chop

The paragraphs about what you remember in the rear view...so beautifully written. It brought tears to my eyes. Again, I wish you glorious final days.


Our visit with Aunt Susan was way too short. We are hoping she will still be well enough to travel when our oldest, Donny, gets married on Oct. 29. While she was here she did what she's always done...listen to me & then make me see the otherside of it & get me thinking if I did right. And if I did wrong? She'd talk to me & help me figure out how to fix it.

Here sat a woman, a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, a great aunt as well as friend & so much more, & she was more concerned with me & my health than her own. In return she just wanted to to spend time with us laughing & sometimes crying over old family stories. She savored her coffee & m&m's like an old lover. She sipped glasses of wine as if she were relaxing the day away at a cafe in Paris. She is realizing all that really matters in life & turning her back on the bullshit! I've seen it done now & I am bound & determined to learn this lesson too!

Susan has many faces in life to do all that she does so very well! So, if you really want to help take her seriously! Send chocolates (nothing with peanuts as she is allergic) but buy yourself a box too. Then pour a glass of your favorite wine, grab the chocolates, & sit & watch the sun set or cuddle on the couch & listen to some jazz. Just take time to enjoy the small things. It's a "prescription" we could all use!!

Susan Crain Bakos

That's GRAND Auntie Sue......not Great. I won't be a great until one of yours produces offspring....and let's don't rush that for your sake :)

Playing peacemaker for you and your soon to be DIL reminds me of when I played that role for you and Ellen. And look how much you grew to love each other. That is what you need to remember.

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