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September 13, 2011


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Kay Kay

I know those two twins. It can be hard to accept that it is indeed the circumstances around us that tend to ignite one or the other. It's the stuff of my nightmares to think that the coward might flare up and cost me my life or that of someone I love.

Luckily, she seems to stay locked away in the dark. I don't want her to get too used to seeing the light of day!


You are part of a very important part of our life Susan, there will be a Susan void when you're gone. But for now, you're still our Susan and we still can enjoy you and support you. Don't be afraid to ask for anything because you'll have an army of volunteers. You still want to be meaningful to us, but Im sure I speak on behalf of SexyPrime readers that we want to be meaningful to you. Can we do anything on a large scale to help you? We appreciate all your eloquent and life enhancing advice. We've got to love you Suse! You're a special friend. x you mightnt want to cry, each to their own but tears rolled down my face when I just caught up with my emails and saw dying attached to you. I want to hug you. I'll take some of you with me, when Im feeling prudish, I'll think of you.

Susan Crain Bakos

Thank you so much, Sally. I have been asking myself if I will leave anything lasting or important behind--and you make me feel that possibly I will. Please do take some of me with you when you're feeling "prudish." What better way to be remembered?

I have not been shy about accepting lunch and dinner invitations from people who want to take me out. I wouldn't turn down French chocolates either.

Love, S

shawn shepherd

To all of Aunt Susan's fans & friends:
On October 7th I will have been Auntie Susan's neice for 16 years....16 years filled with wine, loss of family members, chocolate, discussions that were of polar opposite opinions, & so many, many more memories. Some are wonderful & some are depressing. I prefer the wonderful!
One of you talked about keeping a piece of her for when you are feeling prudish. That, my dear lady, is exactly what she wants! That is what we, her family here in Illinois, will be doing as well. For me it will be knowing that I am not alone! As a child I was exposed to people of all kinds: hippies, freaks (yes there is a difference between a hippy & a freak), gays, lesbians, black, Vietnamese, Korean, well...you get the idea. I see the person not the shell because in the end the shell is left behind while the soul, the true essence of a person, lives for eternity! Susan has always been of the same thinking & thank God or Mother Earth she has always "smacked" me when I would stray from said path & after a long, emotional battle, I have come out just as I was meant to be...a human with love, faith, & most important of all, an open mind!
But, to give you all an idea of just how truly wonderful she is, let me tell you about "Spa Days." I am sure this conjures up ideas of going to an exclusive spa, sipping champagne, relaxing back rubs, with a mani & pedi to top it off. Well you'd be totally off the mark. Spa days were spent with my little Iva, her great neice, a pan of soapy water, a pan of clean water, & almost every dish or hand towel Iva could con out of Mawmaw. Why? Because the "spas" were for Iva's 15 or so Barbie's, Princess dolls, & whatever else Iva wanted to wash. Then they'd do their hair & lie them in the sun to dry & relax. I would come to get Iva & the smiles & giggles they were sharing were worth more than money could buy! You see not only does she give great sex advise she gives a child, my child, unconditiona love!
In closing I hope you will all look back & realize it wasn't just sex advice she was doling out but her undying love for her fellow men & women by showing them how to love themselves, their bodies, & the pleasures to be found by sharing their body! If she has helped just one person (& I know there are thousands of you out there in reality) then she has made her mark on the world. Something we should all strive to do!
As for me? I'm still making my mark with one dam good lady as my inspiration!!
Love ya' Aunt Susan,

Susan Crain Bakos

Ah, Barbie spa days!
We had them at my late sister Ellen's, Iva's grandmother........
We should put up one of the photos of the Barbies in their paper towel spa robes on SexyPrime...

I hated it when the girls outgrew Barbies.

Wendy Strgar

You are a remarkable woman and writer. I have been selling your books for years and can't believe we have never met. I also work to heal the sexual pain on the planet at www.goodcleanlove.com and write a popular love/sex blog called making love sustainable. I would be honored to interview you if you have the strength. Your clarity and ability to articulate is deeply inspiring.
Thanks for all of your work.

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