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September 28, 2011


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Michael AssMaster

A positive ending indeed! Focusing on Susan's introduction to this conclusion, let me share this thought.

While the woman did have to realize and embrace her own power in the relationship before she could act on it, as I read the story, I was taken with the fact that before she could embrace her power in the relationship and demand what she wanted from it, she had to ACCEPT that she wanted it. So much of the story was her not understanding how this unappealing man had such sexual power of her because his features did not match the cognitive list she had of what she wanted in a man...though apparently her loins kept a very different list.

You have commented at times about the research showing that women are often oblivious to their own states of sexual arousal...I believe Kimmie has perfectly illustrated that here, with a woman whose mental expectations took forever to come into line with her body's ground truth.

Michael aka "AssMaster"

Susan Crain bakos

Thank you, Michael, great insights....
and "forever" is what it felt like to me
Kisses, S

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