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August 04, 2011


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Hardin Reddy

Why, oh why, is the desire to control others such an enduring human trait? It has caused such misery through the ages. We possess the intelligence and skills to seek happiness, each in our own way, and to incorporate as much or as little sex in our lives as we want. It matters not at all to me that others are uninterested in sex; it should not matter to them that I am.

Michael AssMaster

"She was adamant that older women (over 50) are sexually finished"

I truly hope that before that woman becomes 49, she realizes how incredibly wrong she is!

Let me state at the outset, that I am not especially attracted to older women, per se, in that I don’t seek them out specifically, though there are a great many women older than my 52 years, that I find to be quite attractive.

About 18 months ago, I was at a Swinger party, with 60 or so people crammed into a three bedroom house, with most socializing and a few sexualizing. I found myself sitting next to a woman who told me she was 68, and she looked it. She was not one of those 68 is the new 37 type women. If I had met her elsewhere, I would have guessed her age at about 70.

She explained that she had never been very sexual, and worked her life as a school teacher until she retired at 65. Only then, had she and her husband decided that they might as well explore their sexuality, which she had found greatly to her liking. She said she had never been a fan of oral sex, but now loved giving and receiving. She was vivacious and charming and sexually inspiring.

At a later point in the party, I ran into her again. She had changed from her clothing into leather fetish wear that left her breasts, ass and pussy exposed, and was wearing nipple clamps connected by a chain. She then boldly propositioned me, and I would have been thrilled to take her up on the offer, but my ride was leaving. I have regretted passing up on that offer ever since. Her face may have shown the passage of her years, but her sense of sexual fun was obvious, and anyone would be lucky to share sack time with such a woman.

Michael aka AssMaster

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