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August 02, 2011


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Michael AssMaster

You stated: "I can only conclude your friends are great secret-keepers or, contrary to the new thinking, men don't talk as much as women."

Now, I am not one to assert that men talk a great deal less than women, but I will assert that WHAT they talk about varies a lot. Men talk a lot about work and sports, and while they talk about women, it is very often at a very shallow level of: "She's Hot!", or "I would love to knock of a piece of that!" or "My wife is a nag, and keeps busting my balls!"

At the level of sharing deep personal thoughts about relationships, and things like "I'm setting up a fake FB account to hide it from my wife!"

... I really think only a small percentage of guys would share that with the guy friends...and if a guy who was not a really close friend DID share it, I think it would make most guys uncomfortable and they would try to ignore it.

Susan Crain Bakos

Thanks, Michael!
Great comments.

Come to think of it, the Sexy Beast told me that no one knew of his secret FB accounts. His friends had NO clue about any of it.

Hardin Reddy

"Is sexting cheating?" Not if the relationship(s) are open, as mine are.

"Fake FB account?" Michael is right; few men would divulge a secret like that. I use a pseudonym due to potential work/client repercussions. Each of my lovers knows she is not the only one.

"Can I detect a fake orgasm?" During coitus, I normally can feel her muscles contract when she cums. But if I don't feel that and she says she came, who am I to argue with her? And in cunnilingus, there's no sure way to tell.

Lie about the number of partners? No. Why? It's a subject that rarely comes up. When I am with someone, I owe it to her to be in the moment, not thinking about past assignations.

Dump a partner if she got fat? For me, a lover's weight or physique has no relationship to the pleasure she can give me, so no.

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