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August 09, 2011


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Michael AssMaster

I think the key is "Self-reported"....

Men, regardless of sexual orientation, who self-report as having unusually large penises also tend to buy Magnum or XL condoms, consistent with their penile self-images.

In an experiment, I once put a regular sized condom over my thick left arm to 21 inches in length, and my forearm is probably about as thick as four reasonably girthy penises....So consistent with that, and a public statement by a Trojan executive, no human requires XL size condoms, they are for marketing purposes.

On most men, including those guys who think they are big enough to need them, they are too loose. Yes, they are more comfortable, for the same reason that sweat pants three sizes too big are more comfy. But condoms need to be uncomfortably snug when first put on to function correctly. The heat and friction will tend to make them looser once intercourse begins, but if they start out too loose, well, then they slide down or fall off.

Michael aka AssMaster

Susan Crain Bakos

Thank you so much for this, Michael....
I think you are onto something that I (and researchers) have missed.......
and it is important information.
Kisses, S

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