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July 10, 2011


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minx :)

I agree with her but i would say some american men are boring...but west indian men generally are known for spicy sex...i guess because they are a ppl of music and dance..ive had sex with west indian men and not enjoyed so i think its wat the men are exposed to..it opens their eyes to more. :)


I'm beginning to wonder if there is any kind of human in the entire world who isn't being held up as a better sex partner than the American white heterosexual man. It is a constant shaming party against them. I know you get off on humiliating us but come on, you're being boring.

So are your pets better lovers than white American heterosexual men? I'm sure you can come up with a few reasons why, just be creative. Wait, you have to record this one: A ham and cheese sandwich? It doesn't ask for head after all. Ha ha. Come on, it's fun!

Susan Crain Bakos

Hey, did you read the whole post or the opening lines?
You really should not criticize a piece of writing without reading it first. Makes you long ignorant.

Susan Crain Bakos

If you were a regular reader you would know that--
1. The Sexy Beast, my passionate married lover, is a heterosexual white guy from the Midwest
and that--
2. My big "crush" whom I write about often is another heterosexual white guy, WCBSfm Morning Show Deejay Dan Taylor. SexyPrime women readers love Dan too.
and that--
3. My cousin/lover/lawyer BR is also a heterosexual white guy who has contributed sex tips to SexyPrime.

In short, Jim, you have judged me and SexyPrime totally on the basis of an essay I wrote 7 years ago. Now that is intellectual laziness.

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