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July 08, 2011


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I can understand why a black woman feels threatened by a white woman stealing her man, but it doesn't bother me one bit ...I have tired to date white men with no hope, the only white men i see in my area are all old..And if i do find young ones i cant figure out if i am attracted or not. Because they all look alike and non of them look like Tom Cruise ...Its like Television advertises what a hot sexy white guy looks like, but regular white guys look nothing like Tom Cruise....:) yummy


I found you randomly on google because of your article too and ever since then i have been reading everything you write!
i still want to thank you, we need people who support interracial relationships. hate it when people assume a black man is with a white woman just for sex or explorin or cuz black women have attitude yada yada.
black men are simply more confident and thats sexy end of story! <3 im open about the fact that i prefer black men.

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