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July 26, 2011


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Michael Kaler

I don't disagree with dialing back on the porn dependency, and its race to the raunchiest...I don't disagree that sending pics of one's junk is generally among the poorer ways to entice a partner to get to know you better, but my concern is that there is an implication that use of electronic media is bad for sex. I realize it does not SAY that, but it FEELS like it says that. I would take the view that the short teasing text messages, the IM discussions about all manner of topics with just a hint of sexy undertones...perhaps some overt sexual discussion, but only as it fits into the discussion organically, the short phone call that is about nothing more than you were thinking about her...that all of those are powerful elements in accomplishing the goal of "arouse their partners through their minds".

Susan Crain Bakos

Thank you, Michael, for clarifying those points.
We are actually in sync.
I am just suggesting that people put more brain into their communications--and flirt and seduce--rather than going straight to the junk shots (him) and nude pics (her).
Of course, a good many people out there are of little brain, but thanks goodness, they don't visit SexyPrime.
My readers are smart and sexy.

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