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April 28, 2011


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Hardin Reddy

Like you, I have been appalled by what some self-proclaimed feminists have said over the years, particularly about consensual heterosexual sex. Sexual freedom includes the right to refuse sex, with anyone or everyone, and I will not criticize anyone for declining to partake. By the same token, freedom means you do have the right to have sex with anyone you like, and (gasp) to enjoy it.

I'm not familiar with Chally's blog, but she should have the right to seek happiness through sex and childbirth, like any other woman, and the right not to be slighted or insulted because of her choice.

And yes, please continue to celebrate sex through writing about it!

As for the videos, let's see them. Whatever he did was done in public, so there's no exposure to defamation. It would help me understand what you've been writing about.

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