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February 03, 2011


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Lynda Belle

Found this link from todays post - 04-14-11-BPD almost ruined our lives and it was an up hill battle we fight every day. Then again so does bi polar and PCOS..if you met my family you'd understand. Then again if you yourself are inflicted I guess you do. I will go find this book..have you read or watched 'The Secret" ? Okay the documentary is so fracking slow it took me twice to get to the 30 minute mark so book maybe better. Also my new favorite is 'The Four Agreements - Book of Wisdom" I think my point is what you say is on point but I think there is something to the energy we put out is the energy we get back. So maybe the two theories combined. Also reprogramming our selves from what we are told is right and what we know is right. But then who better to understand this last statement then you my friend? For you have been a guiding light to the natural path of what is right. 80)

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