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June 29, 2010


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Joan Price

Great coverage of this topic, which is confusing many people. Women's desire and sexual response are influenced by so many variables--physical, emotional, relational, and infinite variations and combinations of these. This pill isn't the answer.

On another topic, I've been reading about your Facebook photo problems. Will you be writing about that here, without FB watching over your shoulder (or into your cleavage)?

Thanks for your important work,

Joan Price

Author of Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty and the upcoming Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex.

Join us -- we're talking about ageless sexuality at http://www.NakedAtOurAge.com

Susan Crain Bakos

Joan, thank you so much for your comments.
Yes, I will be writing about FB here....
in fact, tomorrow Auntie Sue rants :)
I am delighted that you are reading SexyPrime because you are one of my heroes.
Kisses, S

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