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March 25, 2010


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Looks like i need to take a trip to France..lol. Would u pay for sex?

Pamela Madsen

Will women pay for sex? What kind of sex? A big part of the issue in the US is that these services are not readily available to women. They are to men. All men. Gay men and straight men. A woman would have to be pretty determined to be even able to find services to buy! If she knew how to find them - and they were available - American women might be as daring as the French!
Pamela Madsen
Author "SHAMELESS: How I Ditched The Diets, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure and Somehow Got Home in Time to Cook Dinner" Rodale Press - Release date winter 2011.

Barbara Kazyaka-rosvold

All I know is that if I did pay for it,it better ROCK MY WORLD!!!

Susan Crain Bakos

Oh, yeah----I agree.

Over a decade ago, I interviewed a French gigolo for a book I was writing then. (Sexational Secrets). Omigod, he was hot and charming and intelligent and cultured and fascinating. And could he kiss....He taught me the wrist kiss. You can find it in a couple of my books and on the blog....look under Sex Tip of the Day. I saw him recently when he was in New York; and he is aging exuquisitely. I would pay for Michel....though he would never charge me. (Professional courtesy :)

Susan Crain Bakos

Good points.
I believe we should legalize prostitution. Period. Why not make it a safer profession for the women (and men) as well as the cients?
A lot of women pay for sex in America. it's just not a formal transaction of cash for sex act.
Put me on the media list for that book--and let's do an interview when it comes out.

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