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March 20, 2010


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Tame sex is sex where you don't give in to your lust and passion, out of fear and insecurity for being judged as too sexual and/or out of "respect" for your woman (because she is a woman and could not possibly like something else/more raunchy than soft, slow romantic sex in candlelight...).

Men are blamed because women often need the man to turn things up a notch, or they fear coming off as too sexually aggressive/slutty. A man who is passionate and assertive in bed can give a woman exactly what she craves without her having to take any responsibility for it. SHE is not an oversexual being, it's all HIM and she merely surrenders herself to his lust.

Spencer Winans

To the first question: yes. Men are like dogs. We do as we're told. Going against a woman's word yields frightening results and rarely pays off in the bedroom. If we can be tamed so easily then we can be untamed just as well. We'll do just about anything for a treat... women really do hold the cards. (And, I guess white men are a much more law-abiding, subservient group of penises.)

To the second question: like Spiderman's uncle says, "with great power comes great responsibility", or something like that. Because women do hold the cards women must use them appropriately for manipulation, for the desired affect. I have no idea how they can do that. To each his own. It's a give and take relationship and it takes two to tango.

The third: Never! haha They'll just pretend it never happened. It takes one woman at a time to make a change. It also takes some ingenuity from both sides.

The fourth: Hmmm. No comment. (Are you implying that people who have sex with unlike races can educate the others who don't by helping them become better lovers? I would say not. Pyscho-socio-cultural components are learned strictly through innate experience [most concentrated in youth], from the first breath to the last; individual experiences develop across the globe and the factors are virtually endless. Do these social constructs effect sexual nature? Of course. Are the factors that effect positive sexual behavior identifiable? I think that's impossible.)

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