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March 16, 2010


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these results sadden me. also, how do people live together and even get married without dating? i can't grasp that concept really.

Susan Crain Bakos

Ally, me too!

I wonder if some of the problem is that women and men have their checklists and their concept of who is marriageable and who isn't. They rule out people for shallow reasons. And that method of mating/dating is not conducive to getting to know another person or enjoying the experience of going out with someone.

If I had drawn up a checklist, I would never have known most of the men who became my lovers. They would have been outside the box. Let's you and I start a dialogue on this subject.....email me and we will do a back and forth dialogue and post it when we have all our thoughts together....

thanks again for your posts....I look forward to your interesting comments,
Kisses, S

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