September 17, 2009


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King Cormack

You quoted:
"Yes, it often does seem, as Stoddard points out, that men are not motivated while women are."

I'm not sure if I see a connection between a man's alpha qualities and dealing with the realities of our current cultural/economic times. The debasement of men is a political act, an act of control and involves phenomena more encompassing than the ascendancy of women.

Diminished interest in sexuality is a perfectly appropriate reaction when one's existence is threatened or imperiled.

Sue Katz

I dunno. Alpha men brought down the world's economy and then were gifted with billions of citizens' dollars to cushion their sleazy enterprises and now alpha men rewarded themselves with the biggest bonuses ever. For me, whatever the size of their spears, this is a big turn-off. By the way, Susan, that photo is crazed!! I wonder who created it.

Susan Crain Bakos

Interesting comments, King and Sue!
It is fair to question "ambition" if more women than men are completing high
school and college. What are the "phenomona" responsible for the "debasing
of men"?

Sue, the Wall Street guys are but a small percentage of men, even of "alpha"
men. It's not fair to castigate the entire gender for the behavior of the
few. And what the hell is wrong with the rest of us? Why don't we DEMAND
regulation of the Street. Goldman Sachs handed out $11 billion in bonuses
recently---and they're getting away with it. My most political FB "friends"
haven't peeped about it. One woman irritates me because she regularly posts
her anti-Michael Vicks campaign. Yes, he did an awful thing. He paid the
price and is entitled to make a living, as is any ex-con. She's leading a
"boycott" of the Philadelphia Eagles. Give it a rest. Where is her outrage
about the homeless, urban violence, domestic abuse, health care--and, yes,
the economy? (But I rant :)

Clearly, we live in a transitional time. We need to create dialogues. We
need to keep focus on the big issues, which I greatly admire Sue for doing.
Thanks to both of you. Keep talking.

Love and kisses, S

PS Yes, that photo is outrageously good. I hope someone can identify it
for us.

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 11:56 AM, wrote:

Sue Katz

Can't argue with a word you say, Susan. Yes, those finance dicks are a small percentage - but that's the nature of the alpha-man-game. Only a few climb to the "top" (on our backs). As for the lack of outrage, it absolutely mystifies me how passive Americans are, no matter what crap is coming down. It contradicts all the national myths - the "can-do", the pioneer, the entrepreneur. I've seen such stronger civic engagement in other countries. Thanks for all you do, Susan.

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