June 24, 2009


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Sue Katz

Thanks for this. Isn't the given wisdom that high-powered women and men both find a refuge in surrendering erotic control as a break from over-achievement? I'm not so sure it's a feminism/masculinity-thing as it is the excitement of change.

Susan Crain Bakos

Hey, Sue, always good to hear from you!
You're right--the men who pay doms are inevitably the alpha males. When I wrote Kink: The Hidden Sex Lives of Americans, I spent a lot of time around doms. Their clients were lawyers, bankers, CEOS.

BUT the new research indicates that alpha women are more likely to have submissive fantasies and to act them out in relationship. This subject fascinates me. Every time I write about it (or interracial sex :) I receive viscious comments from white supremist men. Delete them from blog and email--and send their IP #s to an NYPD detective who works on cyberstalking.

We should not underestimate the ugly wrath of the racist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, gay hating white males out there.

Thank goodness most of my readers and emailers are sophisticated, interesting, intelligent people like you.

Kisses, S


I prefer my wife in the role of Alpha Women, she being the boss in our relationship, but having a strong leadership in her life she prefers being submissive in the bed.
but i`d like to see her as a strong woman no prejudices, having a total control in her life and marriage, not asking my opinion at all. all is accepted in our relationship

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